Antrans company headquartered in Jeżówka near Wolbrom (Lesser Province) was founded in 1993. Company name was created from the first two letters of the foundress Anna Pacia and words TRANSPORT, which generally means the movement of material goods from one place to another by using appropriate means of transport. The original premise of the company was a national transport, at that time we had only 3 trucks VOLVO F12, RENAULT MAJOR, LIAZ. In 2003, we received a license for the international earning road transport things and since then there has been a rapid development of our company. In the same year, our fleet increased by another 10 trucks.

Since Poland’s accession to the European Union in May 2004, our fleet has increased by another 10 DAF trucks. We have also specialized in intra-EU supplies of goods between different countries of Western Europe. However, the domain of our business remains full truck load delivery. We also offer transport of partial loads as well as domestic and dedicated transport.

For some time we also provide freight forwarding services and we have a contract with highly qualified subcontractors who through us provide transport services.

Today, Antrans owns and operates a fleet of 40 tractors with curtain trailers. All of them are equipped with satellite navigation system.

We have developed a stable position in the market and gained the trust of many reputed companies both domestic and foreign over the twenty years.

In 2014 we are going to open a new transport and logistic complex which will be located in a very convenient location in Silesian province in Sławków near transshipment terminal Sławków-Medyka.

The complex will consist of a base transport, logistics warehouses, car wash, diagnostic station, tire vulcanization, service trucks, verification and repair of tachographs.

A solid base for the future is to expand our fleet, which will strengthen our position in the market.

„Choosing cooperation with Antrans you put on a guarantee of quality, timely delivery and safety of cargo entrusted to us”